About NW MBA Review

The Northwest MBA Review was created to provide citizens and prospective students with a detailed overview of MBA programs offered in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  The internet is saturated with websites offering information on the top 50 MBA programs in North America, but there is substantially less information on other programs.  The Northwest MBA Review covers the graduate business programs of the region in a way that makes it easy for the reader to focus on their personal education goals and how those goals can be met here in this beautiful part of the country without costly relocation to other parts of the United States.  More than 30 MBA programs offered in the Pacific Northwest are presented here, from colleges both private and public, in a multitude of formats (part-time, full-time, executive, etc).  Our program summary tables allow the reader to sort and filter program information to easily focus on those programs that meet their needs in terms of program options, tuition costs, accreditation, and more. 
MBA program descriptions are provided to give the reader a brief, independent overview of the programs based on each college’s published information, press articles, and testimonials from students and alumni.  Links to each program’s official website are provided for easy navigation.

The tuition rates for each college are based on the most recent tuition rates published by the colleges that offer the MBA programs.  In the few cases where the college does not publish its tuition, the information is gathered from secondary information sites such as U.S. News & World Report and Business Week.  Tuition for the MBA matrix is quoted for the entire cost of the program and is based on the main program offering.  For example, the University of Washington offers a full-time and an evening MBA program.  Tuition cited for UW will be based on its full-time program.  Further explanation of the program options offered is provided in each school’s MBA program profile.  Additionally, tuition estimates are provided for students that would enter the program with all necessary prerequisite coursework.  For MBA programs that are offered in an accelerated format for students with an accredited undergraduate degree in business, like the one offered by Willamette University, the tuition is quoted for the accelerated schedule.  Tuition rates are also rounded upward to include a fraction (approximately 1/3) of the estimated fees for books.  This is because colleges estimate the cost of textbooks at retail prices for new hard copy editions.  In reality, students are often able to substantially reduce their costs for books by purchasing electronic copies or sourcing used copies online.

Average and minimum scores for the GMAT exam and undergraduate GPA are provided based on information gathered in the following priority:  (1) The program’s own website, (2) statements made by school officials as quoted in the media, (3) secondary sources of information such as U.S. News & World Report and Business Week.  Reliance on secondary sources of information is often necessary, because many schools do not readily publish this information.  College’s that wish to correct any information provided on their program on this website are welcome to contact Northwest MBA Review.

Each MBA program is categorized as to the specific region of the Northwest where the program is offered.  The regions are based primarily on geographic area and population density as:
  • Cascades East – Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon
  • Northwest Washington – Currently only WWU, but may expand to include British Columbia
  • Portland Metro – Greater Portland and Vancouver metropolitan area
  • Seattle Metro – Greater Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area
  • Willamette Valley – Central western Oregon region
  • Southern Oregon & Northern California – includes California north of the 40’ parallel.
  • Northern-most California is included as part of the Northwest due to its socioeconomic integration with southern Oregon.  This includes Humboldt State University in Arcata which is located less than 100 miles from the Oregon border.