University of Washington - Tacoma

The University of Washington established two satellite campuses in 1990 to satisfy demand and more fully serve the Seattle and Puget Sound area—Tacoma and Bothell.  Whereas the MBAs offered at UW Bothell are more specialized, UW Tacoma’s Milgard School of Business MBA is a more traditional program that is also designed for working adults, with courses offered in the evening.
  Students pursuing their MBA part-time can expect to complete the program in five semesters at a total cost of around $39,000.  However, UW Tacoma does have a flat-rate, quarterly tuition structure that may allow students to take a greater course load and complete their MBA in less time and at lower cost.  Non-resident students can expect to pay closer to $50,000 for the program.  UW Tacoma MBAs may also participate in global study courses arranged through the UW Foster School for elective credit.

The Life:  UW Tacoma is located within walking distance of downtown Tacoma, near the water front.  A city with 200,000 residents proper and the hub of the southern Puget Sound area, Tacoma has much to offer in terms of live entertainment, aquatic sports, nearby skiing, and other activities.

Drawbacks:  Students who want to embrace the collegiate life of UW’s main campus will have to commute to Seattle.  A fairly traffic-free drive to the main campus will take around an hour. 


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